Private Yoga Instruction

Flow Deep into Self-Realization

Namastasye Namastasye Namastasye Namo Namah


60-Minute Session: $60.00
90-Minute Session: $85.00
120-Minute Session: $115.00

FOUR 90-Minute Sessions/month: = $300.00 | $75.00 per 90-Minute Session** 
EIGHT 90-Minute Sessions/month: = $550.00 | $68.75 per 90-Minute Session**
**For use within 1 month.

Payment Types: Cash (preferred) 
Trades: Open to trade. Please email for opportunities.

I am particularly interested in supporting communities (Sanghas) - I give SPECIAL RATES for groups of SIX who want to practice together. People from the same office, students studying the same course, family members who want to practice together and build a greater home foundation, friends from the neighborhood, people in recovery, special needs populations, prisoners who are no longer prisoners... PLEASE EMAIL TO INQUIRE!

(ONLINE also available)

Asana Class
: Specific work on alignment, posture, breath awareness.

General Vinyasa Hatha Yoga Session: A great way to add to and focus on one's own practice and to develop deeper awareness.

Therapeutic Yoga: Create specific techniques to identify one's own patterns - to alleviate tension, cravings, obsessions; Assists recovery processes.

Yoga Fertility for Woman: A fine-tuned yoga practice designed to clear energetic and physical obstructions to assist in an optimal pregnancy. Three month commitment required.

Moon Cycle Yoga for Men: A fine-tuned yoga practice designed to clear energetic and physical obstructions to assist in an optimal moon cycle (yes, male moon cycle!) - emphasis is on radical awareness! and on nurturing wholeness. Three month commitment is required.

Yoga Support for Writers/Artists/Creatives: Enhances any process and includes mastery over Self and Mind; Emphasis is on clearing blocks.

Yoga and Chakra work for Couples: Releases knots, blocks and psychic tumors - clears the air, purifies the water, creates flow and clarity; Supports the resolve to evolve.

Yoga Support for Athletes: Enhances any training cycle and includes mastery over Self and Mind; Emphasis is on locating psychic blocks and knots; Attention is also given to physical support.

Meditation Support: Begins with asanas and movement; Emphasis is on opening the heart center and preparing for sitting meditation; Includes mantra healing with transcendental sound vibration.


When I was a small child, my parents hosted a family from India. I don't know the details but they whole family showed up and removed their shoes at our front door, they were dressed in beautiful sarees and their bodies jangled from their bracelets. They were more beautiful than anything my eyes had ever seen. I hid around the corner and stared at them and listened...

In fifth grade, while binging on baked flesh, the transcendental question occurred - what is this I am consuming? I would become vegetarian.

In my early twenties, I went to a yoga postures class in New Orleans! My teacher was a blessed woman named Yoga Bobie. She was the most evolved person I had ever met - she had clarity and spoke in a straight-forward manner with which I was unfamiliar. What started out as a physical pursuit quickly turned into an opening of awareness of a never-ending longing for connection to the Absolute Truth - sac-cid-ananda-vigraha.

My journey took me through Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Bikram, Sattva - the gift of breath and breathlessness, sound and silence, stillness and radical movement, new light, new vision.

I continue to practice. Life is my practice.

Since the 90s, my practice (as well as my path) has been rocky and filled sometimes with the lovely golden hours of awareness, deep comprehension and a sense of ultimate unity; but also filled with hail storms - rage, confusion, distraction, imbalance, conflict, ignorance...

Discouraged by these contradictions, I let myself flow into deeper practice - more vitality, more life.

My journey has always been a journey in which movement is eternal and ever-changing. Radical love, radical awareness, radical responsibility, radical living - the essence of the forest and the wild rivers!  

Practice. Experience. Continue.

For me, this whole deal is simply about unity, play and absolute love. intellectual understanding of yoga alternates according to my consciousness - my body moves thus, my mind moves... an experience of union - "my" becomes OM - a light turns on - transformation upturns lips - poetry emanates from every cell - Visnu's breath - relationships adjust...

On a mountain in India, a stepped aside so a small woman carrying heavy cargo atop her head could place her bare feet on the tiny path - here, take my place - I watched her - her drishti forward, focused - her feel like Oak Trees, solid - Her silence was the transcendental sound, just before awareness creates its noisy declaration. I met this woman on the mountain - a million mountains - a million times; Destiny absolved, Destiny born. 

Freedom movement, breath, love - unending desire to connect with the source of all movement, breath, love... I do my best to share what I have learned.

I pray for all beings to be released from suffering. I am deeply intuitive, fascinated by the unknown - this great mystery, this gift of life. I have experienced trauma and bliss. Through workshops and private yoga sessions, I support; Through service, I learn. My style is direct, intense and a lot of fun.