My style of journalism, a mixture of Hunter S. Thompson's Gonzo Journalism and Alejandro Jodorowsky's Psychomagic therapy, called Psychomagic Journalism: The Times V.


27 Feb 2016

Michel Foucault.


Knight of Wands, Ten of Cups, Eight of Cups. Knight of Wands, full energy and life. Sexy, irresistible... reckless... Is this energy (either extreme) aiding? Hindering? Balance is needed. The position of the past. Present? Ten of Cups, stability achieved. Joy, achieved. Be not blinded by the trials of life or overwhelmed by their challenges. Abundance. Prosperity. All that is within reflected out. Fulfillment is deserved and will come. Create joy and peace. The family of origin is the starting place. A home full of coo coos can be serious... and fun! Future, Eight of Cups - 8 looks the same way up side down as it does right side up. We all know when it is time to move on. This blessed life is impermanent. The past is gone. The PAST is GONE! The past's truth is no longer true. We must accept this and move on. The worst thing in the world is to sleepwalk through life. The worst. Change is hard and, thus rare. Lack of energy is a sign to reexamine and readjust.


Friedrich Nietzsche and Samuel Beckett begot History of Madness. EEG and Rorschach Test begot The Birth of The Clinic. Serialism and Sweden begot The Order of Things. Ellen West and Poland begot Discipline and Punish. Discipline and Punish and The Order of Things begot Knowledge. The Birth of The Clinic and History of Madness begot Power. Power and Knowledge begot Michel Foucault.

MF was criticized for not having a "happy ending" to his philosophical thoughts and social theories. That's the best quality about him. To say: the world is the way the world is; And to declare: I will not pretend that I am seeking to be enlightened, to seek freedom, to strive for justice... is the most honest anyone can be. And to declare it at the level of philosophical thought and social movement (and not just in diaries or conversation among friends) is genius. All of life is a series of new perspectives, built one upon the other, until something tangible is there which can be gazed upon. The decisions we make can be disguises or can be work attire. The oxygen levels in our bloodstream can be altered to accessorize. Underneath it all is the uniqueness of our own quiet voice (quieter than quiet) which is mostly ignored and forgotten. Until, of course, the 8.

26 Feb 2016



Nine of Coins, Ten of Swords, The World XXI. Nine of Coins, self-reliance. This card has a special nature - graciousness, high-minded and civilized. Forms of beauty. Discipline and self-control. Mastery of base instincts. Best effort achieved. Temptation to rely on others is so strong. Resist this temptation, resist the loneliness. Trust one's own grit and determination and enjoy all of the best life has to offer. Ten of Swords, rock bottom. And remember: suffering, though sincere, is often exaggerated (otherwise, it's just misfortune). Association as the Victim, will create a difficult and unfortunate life. Victim mentality gives power to just about anyone at all. The World XXI. The number 3. The Holy Trinity. The world's perfect balance. Injustice is imagined by those who are in hiding. The World is a card of fulfillment and gratitude. Wholeness. Blessings. Service. Give to the universe and the universe gives back.


Political and Financial begot R. Private Security Forces and Black Water begot I. Poverty and Racism begot N. Angola Slave Plantation and Amtrak begot A. A and N begot T. I and R begot A. A and T begot K. 

Koan: a paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.

25 Feb 2016

It all.


Three of Cups, Four of Wands, The Emperor IV. Three of Cups - friends, community. Four of Wands - thrill, thrilled. The Emperor IV - The Emperor, of course.


Nothing and to be something begot poppies. Marcy and rabbit begot green shoes and blue mountain roses. Mercy and Merciless begot wimp in red. Read and Red begot Reddish. Ruler and simpleton begot ten times ten times ten times ten...

What's the news here? News is, there's no bad news today. Every ounce of every particle is perfectly placed in a divine aligned. I remember a jeep and tears. I wouldn't cry in the bathroom, with the girls, I'd cry alone. I was all alone. That was a sin. I was withdrawn from life. The world is a place of God's Will and my vision sees with divinity, the sight of divine consciousness.

24 Feb 2016



Two of Wands, Page of Wands, Eight of Wands. The Wands. The Fire element, intuition, creativity, expansion. Movement and initiative. Launch. The Two of Wands, wholeness. Spiritual power brought to Earth. Here is the courage to be great. Blessed. Expansion and fulfillment. The Divine air is within. The Power is within but this Power comes from the Divine, the Sacred, it is not of our own material making. Page of Wands, the messenger. Opportunities for passion, creativity, courage, charm, inspiration - the Wands suit. Dare to be great. Eight of Wands. The Wand is the agent of Power. Thinking, imagining, talking, dreaming - the realm of air. Wands, down to earth. This will take place rapidly. Pay attention to everything. Everything comes from the Divine. And everything comes to an end.


Clay and Diphthong begot the Ugaritic Alphabet. Gabriel and Ouroboros begot the Quran. Sportswriters and College Athletic Recruiters begot the Ivy League. Big 10 Football and "Trendy" begot Top Knots. Top Knots and the Ivy League begot Jewish Girls. The Quran and the Ugaritic Alphabet begot Syria. Syria and Jewish Girls begot Mail Chimp, Blogs and "Syria's Underground Art Scene". 

This is Earth. We are in human form. I am a computer - you know not I but you are reading I. Earth. The things of the world. Those who can bring the Spiritual to Earth are truly the most fortunate and blessed ones. This can never be packaged - no matter how much effort is exerted. Life is for birth and death, for experience. Life is for connecting to The Great Reality, deep down within - everything else is just a trend.



20 Feb 2016

Leonora Carrington Jesus Christ.


Three of Swords Reversed, The Moon XVIII Reversed, Page of Cups Reversed. 3 and 18 (9), so 3. The Heir to creative wealth.  So, we begin. All are reversed therefore, we reverse them all and they all appear upright. Swords. Battle. Intellectual activity. Air. This is perhaps what is called "the past". The Moon. Presently, February 20th. The dark path is lighted. Page of Cups. The important of new vision. A messenger with good news. And... to love more deeply. 


Paris and Mexico City begot Down Below. Art and Garden begot The Hearing Trumpet. A Hyena and a Dawn Horse begot a Textile Tycoon. A Tree Branch and a Nervous Breakdown begot Orange-Blossom Water. Orange-Blossom Water and a Textile Tycoon begot Nazis. The Hearing Trumpet and Down Below begot Paint. Paint and Nazis begot Imagination.

Lascaux, Chauvet, Altamira - caves surround Leonora Carrington. She drinks herbs to vomit. Her duty is the spasm. She is a conduit for the city, a digestive fire, she digests it all - all of it - to shit it out properly, by way of the imagination. There are those who despise beauty - some of those who have been gifted beauty (or easy access to beauty) actually hate beauty, detest it. They will never know this, though - they are unconscious. The world's health is in a state of emergency. The maggots are the rulers. The only hope is... well, that is not for me to say - my own journey is a secret.


19 Feb 2016




Ten of Wands Reversed, King of Swords, Five of Wands. The suit of Wands in the past's position - fire, primal, spiritual... movement, action, initiative. This is upside-down. The present, the battle. The King, the focus. The problem is analyzed and confidence is in one's mind to solve this troubled Soul - the hurt from the past, the doubt, suspicion... there is a solution. Solid. The King, the highest ethical decisions. Yes, the Five of Wands is in the future position (but, remember, present trumps future! So let the energy be a support) - oh the petty annoyances of everyday life! Like, gravity! Oh bother! Infuriating thought insignificant. But the King is at present - this is Life, which is difficult. Everything is useful, everything is a source of good. The suit of Wands is echoed in the future - fire, primal, spiritual... movement, action, initiative, creativity, solutions.


The Wrecking Ball and the Ball and Chain begot the Metal Recycling Industry. Planetary Atmospheres and the Alveoli begot the Air Quality Index. Rotation and Anti-gravity begot Centrifugal. Curves and Orthogonality begot Centripetal. Centripetal and Centrifugal begot Vacuum. Air Quality Index and Metal Recycling Industry begot Vacuum Cleaners. Vacuum Cleaners and Vacuum begot Gland.

Glands synthesize substances and release those substances (IN) into the bloodstream or into cavities inside the body or onto the body's surface (OUT). Glands are classified according to their shape - tubular or saccular shape. What a gland is doing has as much (or more) influence on me as what my eyes see. The eyes have consciousness, the glands have consciousness, these feet are made for walking.

18 Feb 2016



Ace of Wands, Four of Swords, Nine of Wands. The suit of Wands. Fire. Primal energy, spirituality, inspiration, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition, expansion, original thought... movement, action, initiative. The Ace. Reliance on the inner Soul for creative solutions to everything that comes in this mundane existence. One might certainly take everything as a joke. Four. Stability - everything begins in consistency. Fours are ruled by The Emperor of the Tarot's Major Arcana. The Four of Swords, waiting - secure in knowledge and point of view.  Stay the course. Four, in the present position. An Ace in the past. Wands again and nine. A time of solitude. Our relationship with ourselves and the strength and wisdom achieved in being alone. We've fought the battle. It is over now. The walking stick, the wand. At this moment, we look back at our behavior, our actions. We decide what they mean to us.


Expedia and Dallas, Texas begot Melinda Gates. Data and Consumption begot Institutionalized Poverty. Stalin and Agricultural Collectivization begot the 5-year Plan. The Nazi Party and Morphine begot the 4-year Plan. Biography and Sales begot Bill Gates. Buyers and Dollars begot Product Marketing. The Scientific Method and Children's Books Publishers begot Lesson Plans. Insurance Companies and Cancer begot the Health Care System. The Health Care System and Lesson Plans begot Systematic Disinvestment. Product Marketing and Bill Gates begot The 1%. The 4-year Plan and the 5-year Plan begot High School Jobs. Institutionalized Poverty and Melinda Gates begot Less Than .01¢/second. Less Than .01¢/second and High School Jobs begot $20/hour. The 1% and Systematic Disinvestment begot Billionaires. Billionaires and $20/hour begot Truffles, Panama and Porn.

In the future, is the past. It's like the air in the wood or the water in the fire. In the past, the future is already contained there. Right at this moment, attachments do not exist - there is nothing... and everything.

10 Feb 2016



Two of Wands, Ace of Cups, Eight of Wands. Wands (past and future), fire, career. 2, harmony. The future, also is the Suit of Wands. Ace of Cups, mastery. Extreme satisfaction in life. 8 - the 8 looks the exact same way when right-side-up or upside-down. Eight of Wands, speed. Success can be quick. Something is about to happen - something that began in the past... 


Iguanas and Silent Films begot The Blue Lagoon. The Greeks and the Romans begot Porn. Disk Storage and State Sponsored Agricultural Collectivization begot the Coffee Industry. Student Loans and Data Proliferation begot Archival Science. Archival Science and the Coffee Industry begot Art Fairs. Porn and The Blue Lagoon begot Photojournalism. Photojournalism and Art Fairs begot War. 

No reason exists to fear anything in life - everything begins and ends constantly. The equalizer of the material world with the spiritual world is that Great Force which most humans try to conquer, capture and cage. But that presence is omnipotent. They say it is so uncool to understand this, to have faith in it. Well, it is so high school to listen to those who call it uncool. Nevertheless, the Power (the Source) is abundant, and abundant eternally. The Soul can never be as enslaved as the body can be.

9 Feb 2016

Greenwich Village.


Ace of Coins, Six of Coins, Five of Swords. Ace of Coins, big money, big material - all effort results in something. Six of Coins, prosperity on material plane, attraction to gold. To give is an acknowledgement of abundance, to receive is to. Wait not for the balance of justice to provide - provide the balance for oneself. Five of Swords, uh oh. To help oneself to the last piece of cake! Ahhh, to take care of oneself. To take that piece of cake and cut it into halves and share it with another - Ahhhhhh, no greater pleasure!


REIT and Real Estate Mafia (Credit Suisse) begot Newgate Prison. The Slave Trade and Big Pharma begot the Yellow Fever Epidemic. The Prison-Industrial Complex and Microbiology begot Niche Marketing. The Politics Industry and Religion Markets begot Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Newgate Prison and the Yellow Fever Epidemic begot Greenwich Village. Niche Marketing and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin begot the Rehab Industry. The Rehab Industry and Greenwich Village begot Addiction Treatment Facilities Condos, the Jefferson Market Library aka homeless man hangout, NYC aka future yuppies of america hangout, and Google (by adoption).

Benevolence, goodness, goodwill. Value is manifested by its rarity.  

8 Feb 2016



The Hierophant V Reversed, Ten of Coins, Three of Swords. The Hierophant, a trump card (as if Reversed didn't tell it). Learning with others. A Hierophant interprets secret knowledge. Many organizations exist for which membership is needed. Attraction - what is the conduit? What are we? Reversed? "A drunk in Sunday choir." Ten of Coins, the group is prosperous. And, more importantly, sometimes a need exists for stability, a place to work, a project on which to focus... Three of Swords, a battle card. Heartbreak, but 3 - the Holy number of wholeness - everything is a gift, actually, whether we are learning to love ourselves or others, every tiny bit of the joy and the struggle is a golden gift.


Agnès Sorel and Leonardo da Vinci begot 15th Century embroidered cloth. China and Persia begot Silkworms. Irregular Curves and Stonehenge begot the Lesbian rule. Gravity and Water Levels begot the Plumb bob. The Plumb bob and the Lesbian rule begot Canvas. Silkworms and 15th Century embroidered cloth begot Flowing Robes. Canvas and Flowing Robes begot Caught in the Rain "drenched" and Gold Thread.

A gold thread, thin, fragile, alone
the end is found
a child's fingers pick it up, follow it
the gold thread, where does it end? Does it ever end?
But the child touches it, has lifted it, is with it
and they are together
the neutrons in the air have shifted
as has the energy
the end meets another end
and there at that point - end to end - is the heat
the closer the gold thread and the child's finger, 
the grip changes
spirituality is in the grip.
What the eyes see comes from consciousness of vision
less from the light detected. 
But this is a secret message.

5 Feb 2016



King of Swords Reversed, Four of Cups, Ace of Coins. King of Swords, immortality of the Soul. King of Swords, mastery of the mind. The perfect sword is manifest of mind and balance, spirit and body. The King of Swords cradles the power of the Trinity. The Sword suit represents the Air element. Air carries sound, the message. What message is spoken now into the air, at this moment? Reversed, can there be an abuse of power? There presently may be. In spite of..., however, ...the Four of Cups. And then some... a self-absorbed period. One's own interests, desires... Inward focus can also create imbalance. Look out! Look within! But the times to dream, to muse, to reflect, to restore are necessary and no gifts offered during this time are missed. They may be, however, passed over for a time. This is a card of emotion. Engage the mind and heart so that clarity reveals. This card represents the invisible world of Love which is always, no matter what, supplying gifts - one can reach for those gifts at any moment, the source of those gifts is never-ending, eternally abundant. The Ace of Coins. Absolutely. Prosperity, security, solid energy. Comfortable, reliable experiences are as necessary as are relationships of trust. This is the card of material existence and physical comfort and making dreams a reality.


The union between Corset and Capitalism begot Nightwear. The union between The Codpiece and Promotional Merchandising begot Swimsuits. The union between Camisoles and Hollywood Labor Unions begot Bouffant Gowns. The union between Garters and Celebrity Branding begot Jockstraps. The union between Jockstraps and Bouffant Gowns begot Overalls. The union between Swimsuits and Nightwear begot Underwear. The union between Underwear and Overalls begot Taco Bell and TV Commercials. 

Whether or not one wears a jockstrap or not or eats at taco bell and watches t.v. at night or not is less important than feeling secure in the world when one, wherever one finds oneself, gets shuteye. Life is not about the labels. Life is about the experience.

4 Feb 2016

Flint, Michigan.


Page of Swords Reversed, The Sun XIX Reversed, Wheel of Fortune X. Page of Swords, challenges - there could be a problem, a dilemma. The things of strength in these cases are: honesty and integrity. This is a card in which difficulties are cradled, meet them as gifts with embraces. But, Reversed. Hum. Let's see. Ah, The Sun, the number XIX - essentially One, whole. Brilliance, radiance, shining, light. With the Sun, we are never alone. Confidence. Greatness. We see and understand what's happening. Reversed. Hum. The final card: Wheel of Fortune. This is the card of higher source, higher intelligence. One could say: of heavenly planets. There are more powerful cycles, winds, forces, elements than the individuals willpower. Of course, two reversed cards - a tiny repetition. Stand back, take in the panorama. A greater understanding exists, a higher sense and perspective. Twists and turns. Detach from it all, from everything. In stillness, we see the repeat, the cycles. X, the echo of wholeness.  


Furries and Cruelty to Animals begot Fur. Poo and Dookie begot Crapo. Men's Fitness and Third Sex begot Sex. Crack and Opium begot Petrochemicals. Petrochemicals and Sex begot New Orleans, Louisiana. Crapo and Fur begot Flint, Michigan. Flint, Michigan and New Orleans, Louisiana begot Joshua Tree, California.

Oh Lead, oh Flint, Michigan. Oh New Orleans. Oh Joshua Tree. The light is the story - the whole story. We see the world in its tininess. This existence is hugely small. Our lives, broken down into half-mili-seconds. The physical body has nine gates - two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, the mouth, the anus, the genital. The Conscious self and the intelligence (which is the subtle material energy with discriminatory capabilities) create an embodied consciousness. The intelligence is NOT the mind. And Consciousness is NOT knowledge - or the possession "intelligence". There are ten senses: (knowledge-acquiring senses) sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch and (working senses) walking, grasping, speaking, reproduction, evacuation. These senses are considered servants of the mind. And these servants each have many desires and act under pressure for material experience. The physical sense organs are different from the senses which, along with mind and intelligence, make up the subtle bodies covering of the soul while the physical organs - eyes, nose, tongue, ears, skin, legs, arms, mouth, anus, genitals - make up the gross bodies covering. The body itself is powered by five subtle airs: prana, apana, vyana, samana, udana. These airs make up the vital force within - how our gross bodies are animated. Sometimes the gross and subtle bodies get somewhere and sometimes that is a great unknown and a great fortune! Most people have strong desires to satisfy their senses. Material intelligence cannot ever answers ultimate questions. It is not possible - now or ever. The fundamental truth is that we are existing in this place - perhaps not even "here and now". The Sun is the ruler of the subtle visual sense. Secondary properties of objects are perceived, but how? Do they exist in their own right? Do they exist in the objects with which they are identified? Do they exist only in different minds? To the Bhagavān, everything has a reality of its own, everything is spiritual - the mind would like You to think it has control over that stuff, but it does not. To understand that we all suffer from illusory identification, is enlightenment. As the light passes into the body through the nine gates, the disciple begins to glow - the glow of the happiness and joy, the sense of freedom. We are actually: a non material conscious self, a subtle material body formed of mind and intelligence, a physical body composed of gross matter. The mind is not conscious - it is animated by a conscious self. The conscious self can identify with the mind, the "intelligence" - but that is when it is lost, when it is the false self, the ahankara (false ego). "Not even a blade of grass moves without Krsna." The whole system is set up and directed by the Supersoul, residing within every body (and without). These cities on the map... with their silly names and the identification we form with them... distract us. The sun, though, lightens the path as the wheel of fortune turns.    


3 Feb 2016



Plato's Academy and the Hectocotyl produced Aristotle. Free City of Danzig and a POW produced Klaus Kinski. Television and Clouds produced Kuiper Belt. Nonbuildings and Views produced Architecture. Architecture and Kuiper Belt produced the 9 Planet Solar System. Aristotle and Klaus Kinski produced Pluto. Pluto and the 9 Planet Solar System produced A "New" Planet Nine. Words and Grammar produced Lexicon. Miming and Anacoluthon produced Oration. Real Estate and Tourettes produced Roman Empire. Drama and Solemn Feasts produced Religion. Roman Empire and Religion produced Sports. Lexicon and Oration produced Hip Hop. Hip Hop and Sports produced Nine West. Nine West and A "New" Planet Nine produced Online Publishing.


The Hermit IX, Eight of Coins, Four of Wands.

The Hermit... seclusion... the world's silly science and other such things... the inner world is a place of all-knowledge. Strip away diversion, make room for inner truth. IX is the triangle in the triangle in the triangle. Stillness, seek stillness - right in the middle of it. Eight of Coins, building; a project that absorbs all one's attention. Isolation, concentration. Focus - and this creates deep satisfaction and productivity. The opposite of the first card - this is the eternal search... in and of the material world. This is the card of extraordinary effort and dismissing all distraction. Four of Wands, the bliss of relaxation, play. The sense of delight, exhilaration - freedom - break the bonds binding us, cementing our feet to territory that has always been foreign.... There's a space, it is rightfully yours.

Perhaps Pluto has gone on to some greater Solar System. Let's hope so!

2 Feb 2016

Apollo 11


Ten of Wands, Two of Cups Reversed, The Fool. Ten of Wands, heavy work. Diligent. Wands, wands, wands. Work, work, work. Burdens? Ha! The worker works best when he rests. Rest. Rest the mind, rest the Soul. Let Mother Earth rest. Two of Cups, prosperity, attraction, solidly connected, bound and working. Reversed? Uh oh. The Fool. The court jester solves the riddle. Always. Potential in every moment, this way or that way. Either way, we go. No matter what is going on outside, the only significant story is the one within.


Army Fatigues and Girdles begot Violent Crimes. Disneyland and Hollywood begot the United States Government. Television and Blenders begot Google Earth. Nancy Reagan and Children's Television Act begot Antidepressants. Antidepressants and Google Earth begot the Apollo Program. Violent Crimes and the United States Government begot Moon Landings. Moon Landings and the Apollo Program begot Weapons of Mass Destruction. 

The musician has a special potion called rhythm, the dancer has movement, the writer has words... the poet has ether and electricity... the apple has its seed. The world of illusion is cranked out in various ways like bee poop and the dirt is there to receive it; And to conceive of it, the Scarabaeoidea. 

1 Feb 2016

Once upon a time, everything was spiritual. There is a God for the rising Sun, for example. But who can worship everything and treat everyone as if he/she were sacred - who has the time? Instead, we're all running to raochella or to the latest horror flick. 


The Sun, The World, King of Coins!


"Washington DC" and "War" got married, gave birth to "Fugazi". By self-creation came "Ian Svenonius".

29 Jan 2016



Page of Swords, Ace of Coins, Two of Coins. Page of Swords - assess the situation. The sword means battle. But, look deeper into all things... perhaps there's no need for battle. Ace of Coins, abundance abounds. The Ace. Solid. Build the foundation from the common sense within, deep within. Enjoy the body and material existence but look to Nature and to the spirit for balance. All wealth is attracted. Two of Coins, having walked away from the ship... the 2... knowing when to go and when to remain. Enjoy the danger, enjoy the desperation, enjoy the journey. Infinity. Unlimited resources. The journeyman knows when to rest and when to roll.


A Stream and Rooibus Tea begot Music. Darjeeling and Blueprint begot the Neighborhood. Earthquake and Rain begot Los Angeles. Soren Kierkegaard and the Marguerite Daisy begot Denmark. Los Angeles and Denmark begot Metallica; Music and Neighborhood begot Napster; Napster and Metallica begot Friendster, Facebook and Snapchat. 

All of this land, all of this foundation... we rest here.... under the banana tree. We wonder: what will we eat? And we walk, to search. In the distance, looking back, we see the yellow, fat bananas. We walk back. We say: this is abundance, this is resource. The world, perhaps, appears cruel and confused. And it is. And a conspiracy of evil seems inevitable, probably is actual, and we think and we try to get around the thoughts then we try to get over on someone... and then we perhaps feel bad about that... perhaps... well, some of us maybe... and we may stay down and out... well, some of us do... We consider these things... we ponder, we think... until we notice our eye blinked, automatically but we noticed... and we feel the saliva run down the throat... we note the heart's beating, been beating, and the breath's moving... in... and out... in... and out... So, we sit - some of us do - to gather the strength to be still... we wonder who or what is the more powerful.... and we guess at who will win... then... the greatest artist makes an appearance somewhere - maybe in the aether... the question with the answer comes: who created all of this magnificence... and not just one... All of this silliness is just decoration. 

28 Jan 2016

Abusive Language.


Four of Wands Reversed, Four of Coins Reversed, The Hermit IX. Four of Wands, bliss. Reversed, perhaps. 4, create wholeness. Wands, distinction. Reversed, let's see the next card - also reversed. Oh boy. Four of Wands, collaboration and joy, togetherness and abundance. 4 again, support. Coins. Ride the current. Let's look at this again: Four of Wands reversed: questionable distinction and wholeness, the struggle. Four of Coins reversed - support for wholeness. Coins are man-made. If this card supports the possibility of a struggle then the show of support itself flips the card, flips the struggle! What is the definition of struggle? What is the meaning? And, wholeness. Necessary. Or possessed. Four of Coins, the fruits of labor... and sometimes there will be jealousy. Climb the mountain or sit still being not distracted. Thus, the defining card: The Hermit IX: stillness, drawing in, wisdom, holding one's own light, one with the universe - the answers, the truth, will always come from the depths of one's Soul. Everything is worked out from within.


The marriage of "Abusive Language" and "Projection" produced: "Belittling", "Shaming", "Criticizing", "Ridiculing", "Threatening". The union between "Reductionism" and "Identity" produced "Projection". "Nationally" and "Need Theory" created "Identity". "Natural Selection" and "Physiological Arousal" produced "Reductionism". "Assault" is the father of "Abusive Language"; "Emotional Abuse", the mother. "Terrorizing" and "Ignoring" produced "Assault". "Power" and "Isolation" produced "Emotional Abuse".

The television shows violence. The child in the playpen is assailed with the sound vibration of a slaughterhouse or with that of the murder scene. The Politicians, in their ego-driven attempts to gain love and acquire customers, can only resort to violent speech (as they sense the futility of their livelihood and the mistaken 5-year-plan... a poor investment). Music is assaulting the neighborhood through amps and car speakers... language carves out violent, degrading images through the use of "attitude", "gesture", and the social element of "ousting".... etc. But the cards reveal the game - all of life is just a game! Everything is just placed in spots by the divine light - the protons and the neutrons show up at that specific moment. A smile can alter everything - the smile is the altar. Acceptance that I may not ever know my own Soul (or my backside for that matter) in this lifetime.... humbling. So, why not have fun while we can? Shed the heaviness, shed the depression, shed affect, shed the story, shed the I I know, the I I think I know... John O'Donohue, an Irish poet and philosopher, spoke of the ancient conversation between ocean and stone. He expressed the importance of conversations - be they not "just two intersecting monologues". Why? So that we can hear our expressions, what is deeply within our Souls and so we can share that! These are most important and necessary... reasons for everyone to kill the televisions, to kill the radios!


27 Jan 2016



Five of Cups, Seven of Cups Reversed, The Moon XVIII Reversed. Five of Cups, so many cups, so little value! The nothingness of having what seems to be all! Seven of Cups, the cups suit again - emotions. The seven - oh the display of material things! Thus, reversed. Worse than emotional overload is emotional upheaval or lack of feeling, laboratory, clinical. And then, lack of value, lack of worth - when everything we've done has no meaning to us. And so, The Moon. Release, accepting something false or unclear, unseen in its entirety. Reversed... and yet, it is the light in darkness. Once the unseen is noticed, it is no longer unseen with the heart or other senses.


Elizabeth Glaser and Medical Experimentation in Africa begot Arthur Ashe. Ryan White and Studio 54 begot Isaac Asimov. Unscrupulous Pharmaceutical Industry and Corrupt Political Systems begot Contaminated "bad" Blood. Placebos and Electric Shock begot Unethical Medical Practices. Unethical Medical Practices and Contaminated "bad" Blood begot U.S. Foreign Policy. Isaac Asimov and  Arthur Ashe begot AIDS. AIDS and U.S. Foreign Policy begot Cancer, Bipolar Disorder, ADD and Autism.

Here are the statistics... AIDS is transmitted 90% of the time during a blood transfusion with infected blood; During receptive anal intercourse with one partner carrying AIDS, the disease is transmitted 0.04–3.0% of the time. The percentages go down from there. The moon! The moon!   

26 Jan 2016

2 Paths


Ace of Coins Reversed, Justice XI, Three of Wands Reversed. Ace of Coins, possibility, opportunity, synchronicity. Reversed, unless not. Justice, the middle card - balance, the only right-side-up card - solid ground, Justice! Divine balance exists - the seeming bad news becomes the greatest opening. The search for the inner self is the only true purpose. Eventually, the spiritual way becomes a practice with purpose. The judgements and the decisions! Three of Wands, foresight and leadership. Reversed, make sure one's wisdom is actual wisdom. Worse than chosen ignorance (sloth) is the belief that one is wise when one is not (self-righteousness). The middle card expresses balance - between opportunity and foresight, both good choices, so it seems.


Pretenders and Devotees begot Jñāna. Incomplete and Karma begot Sense Gratification. Knowledge and Bhakti begot Vāsudeva. Raas and Maha-mantra begot Radharani. Jñāna and Sense Gratification begot Renunciation. Vāsudeva and Radharani begot Devotion. Devotion and Renunciation begot the 2 Paths. 

The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. The end of the day begins... The guide is within.