Biographical Notes : Rachael LeValley, “I am a modern voyager with an ancient Soul.”

Discover yourself. Make sure everything you do is a work of your Divine Nature - the gestures, the words, the pace, the relationship, the exploration, the growth, the healing, the empowerment, the unity… let it be an expression of the Divine.

Within you is where guidance and inspiration reside. Spiritual connection links to decision-making; Kings and Seers and Dreamers… everyone and everything is within YOU, right NOW. Look not outside of yourself for anything! You are the Tribe! You are the prophet, the shaman, the inventor, the scientist, the mother, the doctor, the father, the cow! You are that - that you are! Discover yourself - you are the greatest physics! And you’re worth it - no matter what anyone has ever said to you before, and no matter what you’ve ever told yourself - YOU ARE WORTH YOU, TURN INWARD! Spend just one lifetime on this journey within!

There’s no need to be too busy. It is not too noisy, too hard. Distractions do not exist. Within. Go deep.


Rachael LeValley is based in the world… sometimes there, always here.

She is a guide, a translator, a mystic, a filmmaker, a dervish, a poet, an artist, a Master Yogini… Her creative inspiration is sipped from Life itself - the greatest creation! Expansion and Consciousness are her vehicles to everything!

For over 20 years, she has worked with sound and words through song, movement and poetry.

Her yoga classes incorporate her unique writing techniques (based on her ideas about language arts) and both quantum and number theories. Her Yoga Master is Anand Mehrotra of Rishikesh, India.


Mind, Body, Divine 

A GIFT for you - gather together FIVE friends and I will lead your group through a 60-minute journey anywhere! 

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