It’s Monday

I’m in love with this tree outside my window
because he or she makes me love where I am right now

The sun has not yet risen

It’s rising

The branches at my 3rd eye
bend poetically together, upward to create the Vaishnava tilaka

The quantum effect between my brain cells reminds me
that I remember this pattern

of upward, of love, of energy, of a dance

and I do.

The chaos of the world does not have to assault your inner world.

With everything going on in the world today, I just want to take a few minutes to set the intention to be like a mountain and not swayed or moved by any of the disruptions going on in the world. Low levels of consciousness will always play havoc in matter. So be spirit. Let your lightness lift you above the heavy stench of baseness. It is never necessary to be arrogant about this. Whatever is, simply is.