The dog with white fur, the chick with white teeth...

I was with my friend, an Indian-body woman in her 20s (maybe 30s). We saw a man with two samoyed dogs - the dogs’ fur was so incredibly white and absolutely perfect. My friend says:

I think it must be a lot of work to take care of those dogs, to keep them so clean, so white.

I said:

WOW! Anyone who has dogs like that must not have very much to do - those dogs require a lot of time (PAUSE) or a lot of money.

We laughed. Then I began…

You know, I wonder what those dogs did in their previous lives - to manifest in such a way that whomever looks upon them KNOWS they will not do any extra tricks, they will not do any work, they will simply exist expecting to be pampered.

We laughed again. I said:

You know, I know this woman with incredibly beautiful skin and incredibly straight teeth that are so white they look like pearls. The clothes with which she adorns her body boosts her positives. But she is really a nasty person - I’ve seen her in action when others are not paying attention. She’s only nasty when no one “important” is around to see. The rest of the time, she is just perfect - acting, of course.

My friend said:

I wonder how much of that is real - the teeth, the tan…

I said:

Oh, I never thought about that - I don’t know how much time she spends on whitening her teeth, tanning her skin, brushing her hair… I don’t know.

Then I stopped. We both laughed - it’s funny how similar she is to these samoyed dogs.