Coaching Session

Lifecoach Austin Texas Yoga Rachael LeValley
Lifecoach Austin Texas Yoga Rachael LeValley

Coaching Session


90-minute session

  • To discuss wellness goals, current health and lifestyle status

  • Assess readiness for change

  • Identify barriers and prioritize needs

  • Establish an understanding of the impact of nutrition on the nervous, endocrine and immune systems

  • Discuss athletic and/or creative performance goals

  • Come to understand sleep and its impact on daily life

  • Come to embrace Sattvic (nontoxic) living

  • Communicate Sacred values, rites, habits - identify imbalance

Method of assessment includes:

  • Use of essential oils

  • Prana (breath) exercises

  • Kriya yoga exercises

  • Writing prompts

  • Chakra balancing

  • Sound healing - Naad and Mantra work


  • Determine a very simple, consistent personal practice according to needs and ability

  • Become part of the expansion of Life - no longer a victim of circumstance, past hurt, self-sabotaging habits

The 90-MINUTE SESSION also includes:

  • FOLLOW-UP EMAILS once a week during the month following the initial session

  • 15-MINUTE PHONE CALL at the end of the first two weeks to make adjustments if necessary

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