Yoga for Corporate

Corporate Yoga Rachael LeValley Austin Texas
Corporate Yoga Rachael LeValley Austin Texas

Yoga for Corporate

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These onsite corporate classes combine meditation with yoga for a unique Yoga experience. These are 60-minute sessions.

We understand the nature of the corporate environment - if your sessions cannot be held at the end of the day, we will adjust the levels of “sweat”.

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The National Academy of Medicine reports: Depression results in an estimated cost of more than $23 billion in lost productivity annually to US employers.

  • The frontal lobes are actualized by evolution. For evolution to happen, more energy must flow into the frontal cortex. According to Great Yoga Masters (and now science is catching on), that energy must come from somewhere…. it comes from the energy at the base of the spine - the same energy that rises in a moment of sudden realization, inspiration or insight. Employers want this!

  • The abilities of the body, mind and heart come into play when we are in the process of perceiving the whole picture or when we are creating an entirely new picture. Emotions and passions can be turned into joy or slavery. The insight into our thoughts and emotions, Great Yoga Masters believe (and science is catching up), comes from the Practice of transforming unconscious into conscious by building a strong connection between the head and the heart. A more aware and compassionate person is more productive, has more to offer the world, is inspiring and lovely to be around. Employers want this.

  • To be more receptive, to create specific brainwave patterns, to become more capable of filtering incoming information, to generate brainwaves that lead to relaxation and stressless states… are all facilitated by Yoga practice. Employers want this.

Information abounds on the beneficial impact of meditation on the work environment and company productivity.

  • Meditation counters a short attention span and helps deal with information overload

  • Meditation relieves stress and mental exhaustion and helps regulate cortisol level by stabilizing hormone production of glands

  • The return on a consistent afternoon meditation practice, is refreshed employees and their defragged minds

  • Meditation boosts productivity, enhances creativity, is responsible for reduced sick leave, improves memory and concentration, and helps improve decision-making

  • Meditation boosts staff morale and camaraderie, improves health and well-being, prevents burnout and reduces employee turnover

Employees look forward to meditation/yoga sessions during their work day because they experience benefits immediately. Employees who meditate experience less anxiety when speaking with co-workers, while giving presentations or offering ideas or feedback to a group! A sense of mutual leadership resonates with consistent practice because consistent practice means consistent minds which reveals deep stability!

With dedication and practice, people transform themselves, their organizations and their environments, resulting in increased innovation, focus, productivity and compassion!  

The cost of stress-related illness and work-related physical and mental issues cost businesses in the billions per year. That's why, all over the world, companies are bringing yoga and mediation to their employees. Neuroscience is discovering how meditation and yoga practices change the brain areas related to perception, body awareness, emotions, complex thinking and sense of self.  

These sessions focus on building emotional intelligence through yoga and meditation so people can perform at their peak - being always present. The sessions are for leaders, teams or Individuals at all levels and each class calls to the innate wisdom of the individual practitioner to decide their personal yoga level.

This yoga and meditation is for everyone and will benefit the whole of the environment!