Yoga for Creatives

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Yoga for Creatives

from 60.00

60-minute session includes:

Prana (breath work), Kriya (energy), Laya Yoga (sacred movement) and a guided meditation.

Focus on the creative’s potential to tap into true energy source.
Private or group sessions available

*Group sessions remain $60 per class no matter how many people are in the group.

Price Packages:

These yoga practices offer optimal performance, body-conscious safety and birthright bliss! For athletes of all ages and at any stage in the training process. These yoga techniques are especially made to increase vitality and to generate more energy for maximum brain-body functioning.

The cost of sports- and athletic-related injuries is hefty.

The yoga/meditation practices we offer produce benefits for the athlete on the physical, mental and energetic levels.
I teach Sattva Yoga (Anand Mehrotra) techniques to reduce stress and improve wellness and to allow the individual to tap into the genius brain allow the full brain-body apparatus to function at optimal level, which significantly reduces possible injury due to “not seeing that rock” (and twisting the ankle) or not knowing when to slow down or engage a larger muscle (and thereby pull a hamstring, etc).
This yoga training can be delivered as a series of classes or as a one-off workshop.
Please contact me directly to discuss your needs. I also work with groups.

M E D I T A T I O N :

  • Counteracts information overload and a short attention span - allowing the athlete to drop into the zone more quickly

  • Relieves stress and mental exhaustion

  • Stabilizes hormone production of glands to regulate cortisol level

  • Refreshes and defrags the mind

  • Enhances creativity - allowing the athlete to experience blissful states

  • Reduces sick leave and improves concentration and decision-making and focus

  • Produces benefits IMMEDIATELY!

  • Counteracts anxiety

With dedication and practice, people transform. The results is increased focus! Consistent practice means consistent focus, which transforms individual lives and the lives of the individual’s community.

The cost of sport-related injury is a cost no one can afford. Sport-related injuries cost millions per year in surgery, physical therapy, as well as psychotherapy for depression, addiction, anger, frustration... that's why, all over the world, people are turning toward yoga/mediation.

Neuroscience is also discovering how meditation and yoga practices change the brain areas related to perception, body awareness, emotions, complex thinking and sense of self - all of which factors into an athlete’s performance.

These sessions focus on building emotional intelligence through yoga and meditation so individuals perform at their peak and always present so they can enjoy the process!

The sessions are for individual athletes as well as teams or groups. The sessions can accompany all levels - the Sattva technique welcomes the individual practitioner to their innate wisdom to decide their personal level. This yoga/meditation is all inclusive!