Lifestyle Change

Lifecoach Austin Texas Yoga Rachael LeValley
Lifecoach Austin Texas Yoga Rachael LeValley

Lifestyle Change


Seven 90-minute sessions

  • To create wellness goals and lifestyle changes accordingly

  • To remove barriers to established goals

  • To determine nutrition and health strategies

  • To hit performance goals and reassess

  • To observe the impact of changes made in sleep patterns, lifestyle, habits and patterns

  • To go deeper into Prana (breath) exercises, writings and Chakra balancing

  • To adjust personal practice accordingly

  • To speak the change - to become intimate with voice

  • To continue to notice self-sabotaging habits and to create strategies to eliminate them

These sessions are valid for a 7-day or 7-week timeframe and include:

  • FOLLOW-UP EMAILS for 7 weeks

  • 30-MINUTE PHONE CALL at the end of 7 weeks to discuss progress

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