Prenatal Yoga

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Prenatal Yoga

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Birth is not just an event, it’s a sacred encounter.

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These pre- and post-natal yoga classes use Naad (Sound), Pranayamas (Breath) and Meditation to inspire strength and full presence during a most incredible time in the life of a woman of grace.

These classes are for any woman at any stage of pregnancy and also for mothers and their babies (up to 9 months).

Whether at home or at a medical facility, women will use this yoga to be fully present during pregnancy and not distracted or influenced by outside circumstances. With determination, the woman tunes into within and moves through the body and mind toward her breath and the breath of the other.

These classes are for the mother as much as for the new life.

Caring for the womb - the seat of creation - becomes vitally important. Through Prana (breath), Naad (sound) and Mudra (gestures), the graceful woman develops an inner capacity to experience childbirth as a meditation and to honor the sacred encounter.

Consciousness generates spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being for mother and baby. This a powerful time!

  • Prana (breath) supports the mother and child internal organs and systems

  • Mudras (gestures) give way to the energetic aspects of pregnancy and childbirth

  • Meditation creates inspiration and fuels intuition

  • Naad (sound) relaxes the body and mind and establishes a peaceful state of being