Genius Brain for Corporate

Corporate Yoga Rachael LeValley Austin Texas
Corporate Yoga Rachael LeValley Austin Texas

Genius Brain for Corporate

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Place these yoga-for-genius-brain sessions anywhere throughout the day. Each session is 30-minutes.

Price Packages:

Session includes: Prana (breath work), Kriya (spine and brain movement), Laya Yoga and a guided meditation. This practice focuses on the potential for employees in Corporate environment such as enhancing public speaking ability as well as quick, creative thought.

Tap into the genius brain with yoga techniques especially made to increase creative thinking and to generate more energy for the brain and body to function.

Employers can pay for their staff or a group of employees can pay for the sessions.

The cost of work-related stress and psycho-physiological troubles is in the $billions.  

Meditation in the workplace produces benefits for employees and productivity for companies.
I teach Sattva Yoga techniques to reduce stress and improve wellness. These workplace meditation trainings can be delivered as a series of classes or as a one-off workshop. Please contact me directly to discuss your company's needs.

M E D I T A T I O N :

  • Counteracts information overload and a short attention span

  • Relieves stress and mental exhaustion

  • Stabilizes hormone production of glands to regulate cortisol level

  • Refreshes and defrags the mind

  • Boosts productivity while enhancing creativity

  • Reduces sick leave, improves memory, concentration and decision-making

  • Increases camaraderie, improves health and well-being, prevents burnout and reduces employee turnover

  • Gives employees something to look forward to

  • Produces benefits IMMEDIATELY!

  • Counteracts anxiety and facilitates ease of interaction among co-workers

  • Counteracts anxiety during sales presentations, brainstorming or strategic planning

  • Provides a sense of mutual leadership!

With dedication and practice, people transform themselves, their organizations and their environments, resulting in increased innovation, focus, productivity and compassion! Consistent practice means consistent minds - this reveals deep stability!

The cost of stress-related illness and work-related physical and mental issues cost businesses in the billions per year. That's why, all over the world, companies are bringing yoga and mediation to their employees. Neuroscience is discovering how meditation and yoga practices change the brain areas related to perception, body awareness, emotions, complex thinking and sense of self.  

These sessions focus on building emotional intelligence through yoga and meditation so people can perform at their peak, being always present. The sessions are for leaders, teams or Individuals at all levels - each class calls the individual practitioner to their innate wisdom to decide their personal level. This yoga and meditation is for everyone and will benefit everyone around!