Private yoga instruction

A Great Way To Flow Deeper Into Self-Realization

Contact me:  rachaelklevalley@icloud.com


60-Minute Session: $60.00
90-Minute Session: $85.00
120-Minute Session: $115.00

FOUR 90-Minute Sessions/month: = $300.00 | $75.00 per 90-Minute Session** 
EIGHT 90-Minute Sessions/month: = $550.00 | $68.75 per 90-Minute Session**
**These rates are for use within 1 month.

Payment Types: Cash (preferred) and Cards. Trades: Open to trade. Please feel free to email about opportunities.


Asana: Specific work on alignment, posture and breath awareness.

General Vinyasa or Hatha Yoga Session: Essentially a private class with individualized adjustments to assist you in deepening your practice. A great way to focus and develop deeper awareness.

Therapeutic Yoga: Identify patterns; Create specific techniques with which to anchor and flow; Will alleviate tension and craving; Will assist in recovery.

Yoga Fertility for Woman: A fine-tuned yoga practice designed to clear energetic and physical obstructions to assist in an optimal pregnancy. Three month commitment is required.

Moon Cycle Yoga for Men: A fine-tuned yoga practice designed to clear energetic and physical obstructions to assist in an optimal moon cycle with emphasis on radical awareness and nurturing the other half within. Three month commitment is required.

Yoga Support for Writers/Artists/Creatives: Parallel and enhance any project's cycle or process; includes mastery over Self and Mind to do the dance with creative blocks; Classes are for creatives of various media and at any level as well as all points either productive or stagnate.

Yoga and Chakra work for Couples: Release knots and blocks and psychic tumors - clear the air, purify the water, create flow and clarity; resolve to evolve.

Yoga Support for Athletes: Parallel and enhance any training cycle to include mastery over Self and Mind; Classes are for athletes of various sports, differing levels of experience, and at all points in training.

Meditate Like a Bird: Begin with asanas and movement to open the body and prepare for a guided, sitting meditation which includes mantra healing.
Big Day Yoga: Wherever you are... a pre-wedding yoga session! Specialized for union, focuses on the heart chakra. Additionally, a yoga class can be offered to the wedding party as part of a rehearsal dinner or on the wedding day. You get the idea - whatever contributes to your happiness and sets the stage for an amazing, heart-opening day of love and bliss!
+A perfect wedding, anniversary or birthday gift.
++Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are also considered.

Special Occasion Yoga: Whatever your heart's desire - anything can be an occasion for yoga.

Private Session for Yoga Teachers: Caters to yoga teachers. 

About Rachael OM...

I first came to the practice of yoga postures (in this lifetime) in New Orleans. Not the most "spiritual" of places - the untrained soul might assume. My teacher was a blessed woman named Yoga Bobi. What started out as a physical pursuit quickly turned toward adjustment and balance, awareness, a never-ending longing for a connection with Nature's absolute bliss. 

My grounding is in Ashtanga (because that's what was popular in mainstream America) and Iyengar (because that's what my search offered - the teachings of an authentic yogi). By way of essential reality (impermanence), I flowed into Sattva Yoga and the teachings of Anand Mehrotra, who gave me the gift of breath and breathlessness, sound and silence, stillness and radical movement - new light, new vision.

I continue to practice. 

Since the 90s, my practice and my path have been rocky filled sometimes with the lovely golden hours of awareness, deep comprehension and the sense of ultimate unity; and filled, at other times, with hail storms of rage, confusion, distraction, conflict and ignorance. These contradictions do not discourage me; in fact, they lead to depth and weight. My journey has always been a journey! This movement is eternally towards radical love, radical awareness, radical responsibility, radical living. 

The practice, the experiences... everything continues to merge... There becomes an awareness, a sense that this whole deal is simply about unity, play and absolute love. As an understanding of yoga alternates according to consciousness body moves, mind moves... something within begins to shine; transformation upturns lip corners, poetry is easier and relationships adjust.

In India, with Anand and my fellows, I learned of a small woman who walks a tiny path from mountain-top to bottom, carrying heavy cargo atop her head; her feet are bare; her drishti forward, focused; She continues without complaining. I met this woman on the mountain, called there by a powerful Divine Source of Absolute Love and Knowledge - THAT which exists right NOW and NOW and NOW... eternally connecting everything to everything, constantly calling to the seekers, to those who are listening...  This encounter on the mountain was life-altering - one destiny absolved, another created. 

Anand's teachings combines freedom movement, asana, kriya breath and love - an unending desire to connect with the source of all love and to pour that love into our communities, into this world. I do my best to share what I have learned.

Throughout my life, I have felt pulled to do "Mother Work" - to nurture and to assist others. I am a vegetarian and I pray for all beings to be released from suffering. I am deeply intuitive and fascinated by the unknown, this great mystery, this gift of life. I have experienced trauma and bliss. 

Through workshops and private sessions, I support. Through service, I learn. My style is direct and intense, and a lot of fun.


janmādy asya yataḥ

Here, in human society, is standard of living. 
Here, in human society, is the ladder - placed there by strangers in the form of right-angle, institutional-gray - lacking the curves, lacking color, stillborn. Not a choice.
Here, in human society, is a golden gate, opening into the human heart.
Here, in human society, is a drumming circle, everyone has a drum and everyone is invited.
Here, in human society, is the great elephant and her flapping ears - creating beats unheard to the untrained heart.
Here, in human society, is a road of unturned rocks and overturned rivers and unbound flowers and restricted air.
All of this calls to me.
Where once I hid from terror, overwhelmed with fear, now I run out underneath the Incendiary weapons and I dance... as I burn... as I double over... as my eyes reach toward the light provided by the fire.
I've been screaming, telling people to come out, come out. I second-guessed myself, I said I must be crazy. They all said, from the shadows, yesssss yesssss crazzzzzy yessss
I kept dancing. I faltered. I fell. My skin ripped off my psychic body - I even turned myself in.
Now, there is new skin. And turned up lips. 
The shadow of death is this living existence of numbed-out nodding... to be part-of... the cost is the crowd can embarrass and shame... my shine is different... I'm not paying attention... to them... or to their herding and hammering out the deal at my expense... or so they believe.
Here, in human existence, is the physics and the cosmic.
Whether you're with it or not, you're with it. 
But choice is a blessed sun and I bow my head even to the enemies. 
Thank you to the rocks who gave the most insight on how to navigate in this atmosphere - convex  posture, slide on by...


* These four images do not belong to me - I scored them on Google.

often, I am amazed at how people terrorize women
even after they've died
to propagate images of women only in their youth and try to sanctify that is another form of rape - similar to what's done to Jesus
psychic rape is no less dangerous
Leonora Carrington and Anandamayi Ma are two examples of women who grew old and who didn't attempt to hide that process with make-up or attention-seeking activities or blahblah
these two women represent the whole woman, the complexities, depth and possibility
THANKS BE TO THE Great Father and THE Divine Mother for women like them. I would have shot myself out of orbit a long time ago if not for them.
may i be nourished in everything i attempt - mind, body, spirit - in order to give as they gave and to be PRESENT to LIFE as they were. 
and let me hold my SPINE up strong and NEVER let anyone or anything bend me into submitting to a lie. let me know within me the power there that i must mever fall down to or submit to someone else's fucking orders. 

let me bow to the beauty of wrinkles and to the blessed wisdom, companion to time.



"God is my anger"

this morning's meditation
met with frustration
a low-level angst, a dissolving
like sugar in rain
an angel, i'd like to say, appeared
one of the Seven Archangels, the angel of Saturn, Cassiel
"Speed of God", "God is my anger"
i relate to none of this
must there be meaning somewhere?
Time, is it, Father Time?
nothing has changed - nothing
Patron of the down-trodden, the impoverished, the orphan children.
this should make me happy, give me direction.
it doesn't. i can't understand.
happiness, should - if it weren't for the secrets...
how could a righteous woman walk so
when her thoughts and body call her a prostitute?
(after a ballerina, of course)
the darkest hour
the face of a beast
the throat chakra needed relief
cough, scream
abandoned feeling, a dearly held circus. 
the heart is heaviest
Cassiel observes
anger followed orgasm
his lips, the sacred circle, facing Vishuddha
energy felt thousands of miles through separation
his lips, throat chakra - breath and Ham vibration
or lifetimes
the ghosts of mercy, grace, love
loving-kindness as devas
sullenness as asuras
nothing changes nothing changes
all is well all is well
all is only Love  

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meditation: sex and anger. where's the love?

knots of anger
unconscious blocks
pain stones, frustration bullets
i, tied up, obstructed
the object of my pleasures disappears
or never was
in any form other than dead on fantasy
body and mind creates desire
depriving freedom
falling in love is the gateway drug
fell in love
crave the fallen love
despair the love
jealousy, anger
this game of dominoes makes complete sense
outside looking in
this odd-shaped love (falling)
i can't think of anything else, i will give up everything else
why can't i read his mind? why can't i be in two places at once?
how could i lose myself like this?
how did that conditioning create this unconscious desire that drives me to lose myself?
how does any of this happen, this spinning globe?
is there anyone who has avoided all of this humanness?
anyone besides the very, very rare, enlightened souls? 
anger makes me sick
makes me suffer, makes me diseased
i am compelled to drift through time
meat to this slavery
i want out.
i begin to chip away at the eternal cement wall
little by little, to no longer suffer
it's time to treat anger with tenderness
hello my little anger, i know you're there, i will take care of you
(so says the blessed Thay)
 My dear, breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out. 
with tenderness, embrace and transform
the habit of falling in love; 
the habit of desiring to be desirous;
the habit of the addiction to orgasm;
the habit of anger;
the habit of the practice of jealousy;
the habit of a life of despair and suffering.
it is all there, within me. 
i will take care of you
sweet despair,
dear jealousy,
blessed emotions,
blessed feelings,
blessed reactions...
i embrace you all.
I am alive!
the knots loosen, the cement weakens,
i am less dangerous
these emotions flow
courage appears
i do not fear this suffering, these habits, this lie.


a name of Visnu
combining Senses with Lord. 
a space for austerities

In modern life, how often do we get to experience austerities?
In this day and age, whenever we do something kind for someone, a vibe surfaces to shatter the gift of giving, laying waste to the smell of "slave" or "servant". It is hard to just give.

How strange that is, isn't it?

In the spiritual world, the chair says: Please, allow me to hold you up as you rest upon me.
In the material world - in our world - outstretched palms filled with offerings are smacked away: not good enough, we don't want that! Everyone wants to be God.

I will be in हृषीकेश soon. Seven weeks. I will enter into the senses of the Lord as I breathe my way out of the anger and confusion and disappointment of my travels, my fables, my lack.

Please, join me. 

Breath in the hip socket

i felt you
like day, like a sunset, like a mouth full of the scent of jasmine
you, breath
in my hip socket
where my angry girl once lived with her long fingernails, dirty from the innards of chickens and
she's no longer there, hip sockets
filled with lightness of