“Rachael LeValley is a modern voyager with an ancient Soul.” ~Someone

Yoga uncovers us.

My name is Rachael LeValley. I have translated books, made films, written screenplays and poems, authored a few books, danced, sang, travelled a long way. I serve as the Comprehensive Designer of a yoga and blockchain technologies Think Tank called Merkle Tree World. I am also a Yoga Master - for over 20 years, I have studied and practiced yoga and ayurveda (the medicine side of yoga) and I have worked with sound, image and words in song, poetry and movement.

As a child, I was extremely curious and passionate about experience. I wanted to fly! I can’t say I was born a seeker rather I became one when lies destroyed the world and the universe unfolded itself with me, as I turned into a creator of a universe!

When I was 18-years-old, I left the country of my birth for the first time and from the experience surfaced a deep and driven purpose. Until then, I felt as if I were living in a piece of sticky candy, trapped. The travel was the sun that finally melted me out.

I wish I could say it was “happily-ever-after” from there - it wasn’t… College. My Bachelor’s degree is in Political Science. I have a Minor in Psychology. I went to school to impress people. I went to school because someone else said I was supposed to. I talked a lot. I tried to tell the truth but that just made me feel like a liar. I slipped through the holes. I hid everything meaningful - yoga, vision, voice. I hid. Anger rose. I thought the self-hatred only harmed me, I thought repair would be as easy as desire for change. Neither thought was true.

I have no idea when everything changed… but everything changed and is changing still.

In April 2016, I found out I did not have breast cancer. I was sure I had breast cancer and I maybe hoped for it because I wanted something to blame, something to talk about besides myself - I wanted a disease to point to so all the eyes were not on me. One day, I had an intense experience. A heaviness covered my body. It extended miles above, miles below, miles to the North, the South… forever, in all directions. I was huge but the heaviness was bigger. I did not want to be alive anymore - I wanted out of myself.

The experience scared me. I was very familiar with these thoughts and feelings but the determination, the decision scared me - that was new. I went for a walk. I had a bite to eat. I called someone. Maybe I cried. I sat down. I stood up. I stared at the forest in my sister’s backyard. Then I just gave up. I broke down and watched T.V. (in the form of an American media service provider). I told myself I could watch T.V. but the show had to be productive. I searched “yoga” and a documentary on Yogananda came up. I had the book but hadn’t read it. The movie, I thought, would “give me credit” without my doing the work re reading the book. A short cut. I underbid. Five months later, I was in India studying yoga with one of the film’s talking-heads.

I don’t talk about lineage. Blahblahing about guru is a bit crass and low-class… but, since September 2016, after twenty years of practicing yoga, I discovered more yoga! Practicing these revitalizing techniques has opened some of the doors of perception and traveling to and from India to study has been like a Faraday equation - electromagnetism - It is not me traveling, it is Truth traveling!

Over the years, my own conditioning, sensitivities, insecurities and programming have challenged me and I have wanted to give up a few times. But I have received an incredible gift - the gift of deep and profound awareness that within every being - every atom, every quanta - is a beat and the light, and everyone - every single being - has access to it at every instant! In fact, everyone is actually living it, experiencing it, right NOW!

My current practice combines Himalayan Kundalini Kriyas, Vedic and Tantric wisdom, Laya yoga, Chakra awareness, Naad yoga and Pranayama techniques to create the foundation for the Divine Seat of Meditation.

I sip creative inspiration from the most subtle parts of life. I don’t promise to fix you - YOU don’t need fixing! I don’t promise that your life will be full or expansive. I am not sure I even know what that means. I don’t know whether or not you are a Goddess or will become one. I do know Yoga is Evolution! And this is true. And everyone knows it!

I work with consciousness and truth to uplift Energy and to share in our Eternal, Infinite story.

In the lineage of the Great Masters of the Himalayas and under the word-less guidance of the One Yoga Master, I ground myself in the ancient techniques to focus on the ultimate goal: To unite with the True Self.

May this practice become you.


Mind, Body, Divine 

A GIFT for you:
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